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With the growing focus on the area of Continuing Professional Competence (CPC) for PHECC-Registered EMTs over the last few months, we have updated our information page for our CPC Education Programme for EMTs.      


Programme Aim: This programme has been specifically designed to fulfil all aspects of the PHECC Continuous Professional Competency annual requirement. One of the key aspects of the programme is to enable EMTs who are not working in the field to comply with the PHECC CPC requirements.


Programme Structure: The programme consists of multiple phases/sections. These sections are:

 -   Clinical Placements:   
   -   Candidates will be entitled to a minimum of four shifts on one of the state-of-the-art ambulances in our nationwide fleet.  
   -   The guarantee is effectively the longer of the following:  
     -   Four clinical placement shifts 
     -   Twelve patient contacts 
     -   i.e. - if you reach twelve patient contacts on your third shift, you will still be able to avail of the fourth shift. However, if at the end of your fourth shift, you have only reached ten patient contacts, then you will be offered further shifts to ensure that you reach the required twelve patient contacts. 



 -    CFR-A Training: 
   -   Each year, you need to show evidence of CFR-A training 
   -   This will be either certification or recertification in even years, or retention training in odd years 
   -   Our programme will include the required CFR-A training 

 -    CPGs Currency: 
   -   You are required to show evidence that you have completed training to the current version/edition of the PHECC CPGs for your clinical level 
   -   This would be either via Upskilling (if you qualified prior to the release and implementation of the latest CPGs) or via original EMT certification (if you qualified after the release and implementation of the latest CPGs) 
   -   Should a new version/edition of the CPGs be released either while you are actively participating in the CPC Programme or else in the twelve months prior to you joining the programme, you will be given a place on one of our Upskilling Courses 

EMT CPGs 2017 cover Mini

 -    Mentoring: 
   -   While on clinical placements, you will be mentored by our crew members, so this requirement will be fulfilled 
 -    Reflective Practice Document/Case Study: 
   -   While on clinical placements, our crew members will assist you in identifying patients/situations which can be used for creating the two documents that you need to have each year 
 -    Self-selected Options: 
   -   The programme includes one of our advanced/specialist courses. These specialist advanced courses generally take place on either Saturdays or Sundays, or both days for two day courses. Each of these courses will give you at least 8 CPC Points, which is the minimum that you require each year. 

   PEARS Mini

   EMS Safety Mini

Course Content Overview: The programme, which can be started and finished at any time throughout the year, includes Clinical Placements on our ambulances (which will give you your Patient Contacts), Mentoring, Assistance with Case Studies/reflective documents, CFR-A Recertification/Retention Training and then the choice of one of our specialist courses (ACLS Heartcode, PALS Heartcode, PEARS, AMLS, PHTLS, GEMS and/or TFR). Any one of the courses will give you at least 8 CPC Points. Information on the courses can be found here:


Additional Points to Note: As part of the programme, each participant:

 -   Will receive a Medicall Poloshirt 
 -   Will receive a Medicall ID Badge 
 -   Will be subject to a Garda Vetting Application 


Programme Fees: €495 inclusive of all books, course materials, Garda Vetting and programme materials.


How to apply: For further information please e-mail or phone (01) 4966933 (Option 2) or click Book a Course to apply immediately.


Further Information: Would you like further information regarding CPC for EMTs?

You can download a guidance document from PHECC by clicking on the following link:

PHECC CPC Guide 2018 Guide - Green Book


You can download a sample portfolio guide produced by PHECC by clicking ont he following link:

PHECC CPC Portfolio 2018 Guidance Sample


You can download blank portfolios produced by PHECC by clicking on the following links:

Word Version: Sample Blank PHECC CPC Portfolio 2018 (Word)

PDF Version: Sample Blank PHECC CPC Portfolio 2018 (.pdf)


You can view the EMT CPC Roadshow video by clicking on the following link (external link to YouTube video):

EMT CPC Roadshow Video (Mullingar 2017)


You can download a guidance document that we have produced that outlines the structure of our programme and how it can help you. You can access the guide by clicking the following link:




Emergency Medical Technician Course


For students of Westport College of Further Education, the cost of this course is €1,500.


The course is taking place over four weeks:

  • Monday 15th to Friday 19th February
  • Monday 7th to Friday 11th March
  • Monday 21st to Friday 25th March
  • Tuesday 29th March to Friday 1st April


In order to attend the course, students must make full payment of the course fee directly to Medicall Ambulance Service, before close of business on Friday 5th February 2016. This is so that we can arrange to get the course materials issued to students at the start of the course.


Any student who took part in the EFR with us in December will receive a discount of €115 for the EMT, bringing the cost to €1,385.


Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Credit/Debit Card over the phone (014966933 - Option 3, ask for Colin).
  • Credit/Debit Card by PayPal, by entering your Name and Mobile Number on the form below, selecting the payment option (Full, Partial, Balance) and then clicking Buy Now
  • By cheque or postal order made payable to Medicall Ambulance Service and posted to:
    • Medicall Ambulance Ltd, PO Box 11066, Clonshaugh, Dublin 17.

For further information please e-mail or phone (01) 4 966 933 (Option 2)



Payment Options
Mobile Number


The EMT-BTEC (Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Tactical Emergency Care) course is delivered over a three and a half hours and is designed to cover the skills and associated knowledge approved for EMT-BTEC under the PHECC CPGs. The course is open to all EMTs. Those who operate on behalf of an EMT-BTEC approved service provider and are privileged by that provider will be able to implement the skills upon successful completion of the course. Those EMTs who are not privileged to operate at EMT-BTEC can attend the course as a CPC course.

Course Aim: To cover the content (skills and knowledge) allowed under PHECC CPG Standards for EMT-BTEC.

Course Content: The skills covered on the course include Tourniquet use, NPA application and Wound Closure Clips. 

Course Tutors: All tutors are experienced PHECC Practitioners.

Course Fees: The course fee is €60 in Dublin and €70 outside Dublin.

How to apply: For further information please e-mail or phone (01) 4 966 933 (Option 2) or click Book a Course to apply immediately.

CAT Tourniquet   NPA   Wound Closure Clips

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course


The course is being run using the Heartcode version. This means that you will be completing the theory online in advance and then attending a one-day practical session.


  • The online section (Part 1) usually takes around eight to ten hours to complete.
  • The practical session (Part 2) starts at 10:30 and is usually finished by 16:45.


The cost of this course is €340 per person.


The course is taking place on Sunday 3rd April 2016 in Cork.


In order to attend the course, participants must make full payment of the course fee before close of business on Friday 25th March 2016.


This is so that we can arrange to set you up on the online learning component of the course.


Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Credit/Debit Card over the phone (014966933 - Option 3, ask for Colin).
  • Credit/Debit Card by PayPal, by entering your Name and Mobile Number on the form below, then clicking Buy Now


For further information please e-mail or phone (01) 4 966 933 (Option 2)



Mobile Number


EMT Training Ribbon

On this page, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Emergency Medical Technician training courses.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please let us know by phoning 014966933 - Option 2 or by emailing

You should also take a look at our "Why choose Medicall for your EMT Course" page, which gives a great deal of information regarding what our course involves, including the added benefit items that none of our competitors are able to offer. You can view the page here (opens in a new window).


Q. Why choose Medicall for your EMT Training?

A. We are quite proud of our EMT Course offering. To see why, and to get a full answer to this question, click here. In summary, we use only the best and most state-of-the-art equipment, the best faculty, have our own ambulance fleet for clinical placements and offer over €600 worth of added extras bult into the course. As a result, we produce EMTs who are more rounded and capable of providing the highest possible standard of care to their patients.


Q. How often do you run EMT courses?:

A. We run both Part-time and Full-time courses:



Generally the Part-time courses are run three times a year (Spring, Summer and Autumn) in multiple locations around the counry, including:

 1.   At our Headquarters in Dublin 17 
 2.   Midleton, Co. Cork 
 3.   Sligo Town, Co. Sligo 
 4.   Athlone, Co. Westmeath 
 5.   Limerick City, Co. Limerick 
 6.   Waterford City, Co. Waterford 

Classes run from 09:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.



Generally, the Full-time courses are run three times a year (Spring, Summer and Winter) in our Headquarters in Dublin 17.

Classes run from 09:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.


Additional information:

Courses can also be run elsewhere in Ireland depending on demand.

To date we have also ran courses in Cavan, Galway, Letterkenny & Mayo.

Please check Upcoming Courses for more details of courses near you, call us on (01) 4 966 933 - Option 2, or email


Q. What are the job opportunities in Ireland like?

A. Once qualified, you can apply to register with the Pre-hospital Emergency Care Council ( to be permitted to practice at EMT level in Ireland.

Many of our students have successfully applied for employment with the private ambulance services, the HSE ambulance service (both at EMT and student Paramedic levels), health and fitness clubs, hotels, swimming pools, security services, industrial fire services, allied health care settings and many other places where physical activities increase risk of injury, where specific health and safety issues might arise, or where large crowds may be present.


Q. Does the EMT qualification allow me to work abroad?

A. Regulations governing registration to practice your EMT skills vary from country to country.  This has to do with differences in national treatment protocols and scope-of-practice issues outside the control of the Irish-accredited Training Institutes. It is suggested that you consult the national Registry in the relevant country for more detailed information.

Some countries' accredited Training Organisations offer accelerated training programmes which will allow applications for national registration within weeks of completing the necessary short conversion courses there.

A number of our students have used their EMT training as a basis to successfully apply to UK 3rd Level Institutions to train as Paramedics. Several UK Universities invite applications from Irish citizens for their degree courses.


Q. I am unemployed can I get funding for this course?

A. Since the 1st January 2012 Technical Employment Support Grants (TESG) are available to qualifying individuals. Please check with FÃS/Solus or your local Social Protection Office for further information on this and any other assistance which might be available to you.


Q Do I have to pay the full fee immediately or can I pay in stages?

A. The full course fee is €2,175 which covers all books and training. Exam fees are payable directly by you to PHECC and are currently €100. A booking deposit of €675 is required to secure your place on the course. This deposit is non-refundable once the course commencement date is less than four weeks away. Subsequently, a payment plan can be drawn up to suit you. All payments must be made by two weeks before the start of the course, unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance.


Q. What about driving licences?

A. You do not need a driver's licence to train, or be registered as an EMT.


Q. When do the 40hr clinical placements take place?

A. Placements will take place at the end of the course period and will be divided into minimum of 4 X 10hr shifts or 5 x 8hr shifts (depending on station shfit pattern) on one of Medicall's fleet of ambulances based strategically across the country including in Dublin, Cork, Mayo, Kilkenny, Sligo, Kerry, Westmeath, Limerick and Galway. Arrangements for placements are flexible and we try to facilitate students as far as we possibly can.

Importantly, Medicall Training is the only private Training Institute who can guarantee quality placements on our own fleet of very active ambulances.  You will not be "out-sourced" to third party service providers during your time with us. Nor will you be sitting around waiting for calls or cleaning ambulances! Students will have ample opportunity to observe patient treatment and interactions in a full range of medical and trauma related conditions during the course of their placements - you won't be bored!    

As an added bonus for our EMT Students, we offer an additional forty hour block of placements, at no additional cost, in order to allow students gain more experience.

Before you sign-up for this Course with any other Training Institute ask them where, and with whom, you will be doing your placements. Then call us.............!!


Q. Are there any pre-requisites to do this course?

A. No previous experience is required to undertake this course, although any previous experience of First Aid, First Responder or CPR Training would obviously be of assistance to you to "break the ice". However, please don't worry! We will provide all the necessary training and support you need to confidently sit the NQEMT examinations at the end of the course.  The majority of our students came to us with no previous experience whatsoever and are now successfully registered as EMTs with PHECC.  You will experience plenty of support both from your team of Instructors and your fellow students during the course, and as you prepare for your exams.

We hope you will enjoy your time with us, and use your EMT qualification as a sound basis to developing a rewarding career in the health care sector in the future.


Q. What are my chances of passing the course?

A. This course is both challenging and highly rewarding.  You will learn many new life-saving skills and patient care techniques during your time with us. 

However, like so many other things in life, you will only get out of it what you put in to it!  It is not simply enough to turn up for classes and hope all will be well.  You should take a full and active part in all aspects of your classroom training and ambulance placements, as well as setting aside some time for study between classes.   

Many of our students find it helpful to organise themselves into informal home study groups and swap class notes and study techniques.

Our class pass rates are among the best in the sector and our Students have achieved excellent results in recent PHECC exams.


Our percentage of students successfully completing exams and becoming EMTs has been the highest among private Training Institutions over the last number of years runing (2014 to 2019)!!!


 EMT Training Ribbon

Accreditations/Partners - Ambulance

Accreditations/Partners - Training